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Preserving San Diego’s Chinese History

CCBA Today

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CCBA has a Board of Directors made up of men and women with diverse backgrounds from a variety of occupations. It provides office space in its building for the Chinese Center, which performs social services to the community, and it provides a place where the Chinese Senior Citizen’s Center can meet and have luncheons.


In 1999 it completed the adjacent Senior Garden Apartments, with affordable housing for qualifying seniors regardless of race. The Community Room of the Senior Garden has become the site for many CCBA activities.

The Community Room Is A Great Place For…

• Luncheons

• Membership Meetings

• Reunions

• Traditional Chinese Celebrations

• Chinese Movies

• Cultural Performances

• Classes

• Lectures



The Lucky Lion Dancers are sponsored by the CCBA and are an integral part of the Chinese celebrations, especially during the Chinese New Year.


A Community Liason
CCBA joins other local organizations in welcoming visiting dignitaries, holding New Year banquets, a Dragon Boat Festival, and special occasions of significance to the Chinese community. It also sells cemetery plots and every Spring observes Chinese Memorial Day (Ching Ming).

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